untitled (VR all in this together)


Collaborative VR design experience

Artist residency at iM KONSTHALL (Moskosel Creative Lab, Sweden)


This work is a collaborative design experience in virtual reality: users enter a virtual world and are given tools to modify and design this world. After each user's visit, the final state is saved so that the next user has an updated, i.e. different, experience. In this way, a collective work is successively created that is further shaped by each visit. This brings the individual users, most of whom do not know each other, closer together. They work together to create an ideal world that would not exist in this form without each individual.


The setting of this VR experience is radically optimistic in that it makes each user responsible for their own creative design, reflecting that we all contribute to the greater whole, that we do indeed have an impact on our environment and are not isolated, as it may have often felt during the pandemic. Looking back, there were not only negative incidents, but also great solidarity among people. We had not yet survived the pandemic when the war started in Europe. And we are facing the greatest possible catastrophe, climate change, which we can also only overcome if we work together against it, see ourselves as part of the big picture, and make a difference by working together. The experience points to this by showing us the web of relationships between us and daring to hope that together we are more than the sum of the parts.



Further information:

Documentation, Project iMKONSTHALL, Instagram profile, Nothern Sustainable Futures, Moskosel Creative Lab

A project supported by Swedish Arts Council, Arvidsjaur Municipality & Northern Sustainable Futures