Collaborative game with Virtual Reality and hologram pyramid

Illustration Meike Gerstenberg

Research project at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality in Dortmund


“HoloPy³” is a cooperative game in and with virtuality, researches the expansion of theater with digital media and explores the applicability of holograms and Virtual Reality. In this respect, “HoloPy³” reflects on the added value of three-dimensional and interactive narrative forms in terms of content and art – especially in view of the non-existent fourth wall in these media. “HoloPy³” brings theater, holograms and Virtual Reality together in a new way: First of all, theater as a place of embodied performance, ritual performance practice and social exchange; then holograms as a collectively perceivable augmented (extended) reality; and finally Virtual Reality as an experience that is currently mostly realized in the conscious perception of the individual.

Showcase of work in progress: