Collaborative game with Virtual Reality and hologram pyramid

Illustration Meike Gerstenberg

Research project at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality in Dortmund


“HoloPy³” is a cooperative game, that researches the expansion of theater with digital media and explores the applicability of holograms and virtual reality. In this respect, it reflects on the added value of three-dimensional and interactive narrative forms in terms of content and art – especially in view of the non-existent fourth wall in these media. “HoloPy³” brings theater, holograms and virtual reality together in a new way: First of all, theater as a place of immediate embodiement of cultural content, ritual performance practice and social exchange; then holograms as a collectively perceivable augmented (extended) reality; and finally virtual reality as an experience that is currently mostly realized in the conscious perception of the individual.

Showcase of work in progress:

Performing Arts & Digitalität Festival

Date: Saturday 10/03/2020 14-22h

Location: 806qm, Alexanderstraße 2, Darmstadt 

Final presentation:


Due to Covid-19, the Open House event, where the fellows of the Academy for Theatre and Digitality normally present their research results to the public, will not be able to take place. However, the projects will be presented in virtual space as part of the 2021 annual conference "DiG IT ALL" of the Dramaturgische Gesellschaft. For this purpose, the academy has been recreated on the VR platform Mozilla Hubs, where interested parties can visit the fellows in their labs and walk through the projects in virtual versions.


Date: Saturday 01/23/2021